Some Leaders are Born Women!

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Women’s Business & Leadership Conference

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
8:30am – 2:30pm
Marriott Griffin Gate, Lexington



10:15 – 11:30am

Breakout Session 1: Take Charge of Your Emerging Chapter

Marian Guinn, MG Coaching & Consulting

Are you a successful person, with dreams of something different…a promotion … creating your own business…or something more personal? This session explores identifying your next big thing and tools to help you move forward to making it real. Through discussion, strategy sharing and list building, we’ll begin defining the emerging chapter of your life.

Who should attend: Those looking to move up in their career, start a business or have a personal goal they would like to attain.

Breakout Session 2: Peak Performance: Managing Your Time & Achieving Balance

Meredith Wells Lepley, Miller Consultants, Inc.

Studies show that 91% of Americans would like to be more productive, and 55% feel pulled in too many directions. This session will focus on performing at our maximum ability with confidence and concentration. Learn how to operate at peak performance with time-management tips and advice on unplugging from work to achieve a healthy work-life balance.  

Who should attend: Anyone who needs time management and work/life balance tips.

Breakout Session 3: Creating Balance for Sustainable Leadership

Lisa Williams, Lisa Williams Coaching

Finding balance can be tough, but essential as a leader. Being out of balance directly impacts employee engagement and organizational sustainability. During this session, you will you gain awareness of why you are challenged to find balance and develop a personal action plan for sustainable leadership practices.

Who should attend: Senior business leaders who seek to create organizational sustainability


Marian Guinn has a passion for leadership and believes that concentrated effort to improve the capacity of leaders is critical to future success. She works with leaders as an executive coach or thought partner helping them move through transitions or achieve desired competencies. As a consultant, she has and become comfortable in closing major asks. Prior to establishing MG Coaching & Consulting, Marian gained real-world experience with leadership and management roles first at the University of Kentucky Hospital and more recently as CEO of God’s Pantry Food Bank. 

Meredith Lepley is a workplace consultant whose work focuses on assessing employee engagement and organizational practices, diagnosing organizational problems, training organizations and employees on workplace topics, and changing organizations for the better. Certified in both Prosci and The Change Cycle, Meredith has special expertise in helping employees and organizations through change. She also works on issues such as leadership, workplace communication, employee engagement, customer service, the multigenerational workforce, and workplace design. 

Lisa Williams is a leadership coach and organizational consultant with Lisa Williams Coaching. Lisa helps organizations and the leaders within them become peak performers. As a coach, her passion is helping leaders increase their emotional intelligence, which she sees as a critical component of a thriving organization. As a consultant, she uses a solution-focused mentality to help organizations improve processes and systems, maneuver around pitfalls and think outside the box.