Some Leaders are Born Women!

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brice2 I am currently senior at Kentucky State University, majoring in business administration with a specialization in management. First I would like to thank WLK for granting me a scholarship for 1500 which has allowed me to focus more on service and studies. I have utilized the WLK scholarship to pay for my books, tuition and housing fees. By all of my expenses being taking care of I was able to become more campus and community involved which has resulted in a higher GPA of 3.6 and A and B’s.” – Rodricka Brice, KY State University, 2014 Scholarship Recipient
mary2 “Women Leading Kentucky is an organization that not only encourages women to reach their goals but also provides a way for them to do it. I was lucky enough to receive one of their scholarships this past year, and I have used it to continue my degree in mining engineering. I am honored to have met some of the women in this organization, and I know they will continue helping women across Kentucky for years to come.” – Mary Hillwig, 2014 Scholarship Recipient
faye2 “Receiving this scholarship has relieved a great financial burden for me to continue my college studies in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting. Also, a portion of it is being contributed to my study abroad adventures for the spring semester. Next semester I will continue my business studies in Australia! Not only has this scholarship provided stress relief financially, but has given me an indescribable amount of confidence and honor that such a wonderful organization sees the work that I do as important. It has inspired me to reach for the stars even more. I cannot thank the Women Leading Kentucky organization enough to be selected as a recipient of the 2014 Women Leading Kentucky Scholarship.” – Faye Berry, 2014 Scholarship Recipient
Pat-watson1 “The Women Leading Kentucky Scholarship that I was awarded encouraged me and validated my desire to pursue and complete my education at Berea College. This scholarship furthered my passion to continue the “learning, labor, and service” motto of Berea College while gaining the realization that I possessed the capability to promote change and stimulate confidence in others. I plan on utilizing my education in a capacity that will enrich the lives of Kentucky’s geriatric community. I am truly grateful for Women Leading Kentucky and the self-worth incorporated through its mission.” – Patricia Watson, Berea College, 2014 Scholarship Recipient