Some Leaders are Born Women!

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Women Leading Kentucky




Women Leading Kentucky is not a membership organization. It is a network. This statewide network of outstanding business professionals will help you to grow and prosper, personally and professionally. Once you participate in one of our events, you are already involved with Women Leading Kentucky. And we are glad to have you join us!

Ways to be involved in Women Leading Kentucky:
 Attend roundtables and annual Women’s Business & Leadership Conference
 Contribute to scholarships supporting educational pursuits of women
 Mentor young professionals
 Advertise job openings (non fee-based)
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Creating business and leadership opportunities for women of all ages, enabling them to lead, learn, achieve and give back to their communities.

We provide welcoming, professional environments that recognize and foster education, mentoring and networking.

Core Values:
 Creating an Inclusive environment that welcomes and encourages everyone
 Partnering with organizations that support our vision and mission
 Having open, honest and respectful dialogue
 Continuous learning

History of Women Leading Kentucky:
 Begun as a small business in 2000
 First annual statewide conference in 2000
 Established first Board of Advisors in 2000
 Roundtable Networking Luncheons begun in 2001
 Three college Scholarships awarded in 2001
 Established as a non-profit and formalized Board of Directors & bylaws in 2004
 Developed Advisory Council in 2004
 Initiated Strategic Plan for 2009-2012
 Hired first Executive Assistant (PT) and Communications Consultant in 2009
 Leased office in Downtown Lexington Public Library in 2009
 Organized Professional Ambassadors program in 2010 to reach out to young professionals
 First fund-raiser by Professional Ambassadors in 2011
 Presented 7 college scholarships in 2014, bringing total awards to more than $135,000

 Annual Spring Conference attracts 350+ 
 Roundtable Networking Luncheons (8 per year), attracts 130+ each month, always sell out.
 Special Events & Scholarship Awards

Demographics of Attendees: 

 Median Age: 45 (Ages range from 18–70+ )


 30%+ – Corporate / Small Business/ Arts / Government
 12% – Education
 13% – Healthcare
 10% – Financial services
 11% – Legal Field
 9% – Non-profits
 7% – Sales

Salary Range:

 34% earn $51,000-$75,000
 22% earn $76,000-$99,000
 30% earn $100,000 or more