A Flourishing Mindset in the Workplace

Congratulations, you did it. You found that perfect crisp new shirt. It is fresh, cheerful and you will continue to wear it repeatedly until kingdom come. Now to figure out how to maintain its perfect fresh-out-of-the-box newness.

Over time, the shirt will look dingy and dull. It is normal for this to happen over time after being exposed to dirt, grime, and water impurities. But there is hope. With a simple search on the internet hundreds of articles, blogs, and videos provide safe washing solutions. To include washing with vinegar, turning clothes inside out, using cold water, and air drying. With a few simple tricks the dingy and faded shirt will look brand new and feel fresh in no time.

How does this relate to leadership? As we move through our career, it is possible we will work for a toxic leader. When we are exposed to toxic leadership, our lens changes from bright and hopeful to gray and dingy. Especially when we go from one toxic leader to another. In an era marked by several organizational scandals, an accelerated work pace, and disturbances of all sorts, leaders are key actors in this venue. To avoid being tainted by the acts of toxic leaders we need to surround ourselves personally and vicariously with authentic leaders. These leaders focus on a person’s strengths rather than weaknesses. They also foster a secure environment where employees can express themselves freely and respectfully. If your immediate boss is not an authentic leader, find one. They can be found through volunteer events, conferences, or professional organizations. Be encouraged there are many ways to maintain the perfect fresh-out-of-the-box mindset to flourish in the workplace.


Rhonda Martin Copher, PhD

About the Author: Rhonda Martin Copher has held many leadership roles in her decorated 20-year career. To include stints in the military, corporate finance, and higher education. Today, her mission is to help professionals embrace and maintain their value and maximize their potential. To do this, Rhonda blogs, speaks, and lectures on topics that are thought provoking and encourages, you, her audience to thrive in life.



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Featured photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash