Call For Volunteers: Mentor Through The ‘Real Girls Stand Strong’ Program

Women Leading Kentucky is partnering with The Real Girls Stand Strong program to mentor middle school girls. We are seeking thirty-five women who can commit to mentor one young woman in the program. Mentors will check in with their assigned student once a week or every other week just to help guide them through the school year.

WLK Board Member Sonia Goforth explained that the girls in the program could benefit from having a woman in their life who is interested in their personal growth and success in school. “So far, this year is proving to be unusually tough for most students. Not being around friends and navigating with online learning and video classrooms can leave a student feeling very disconnected.” She estimates that volunteering will take about thirty minutes a week.

Girls in the Real Girls Stand Strong program are learning to collaborate with peers to find a purpose, set goals, and get started on changing the world through service projects that they design. The program is led by teacher Rosalind Koop for students at Edith Hayes Middle School. She has a passion for empowering middle school girls to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Requirements to Mentor:

  • Volunteer Background Check – (Click link for instructions) 
  • Mentor training – Email to register for the next training


About the Author: Sonia Goforth is Chief Compliance Officer at Kentucky Planning Partners, and serves as a Member of the Board of Directors for Women Leading Kentucky. Read more about RGSS program