Conference Breakout Sessions

21st Annual Business & Leadership Conference

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Marriott Griffin Gate, Lexington | 8:30am – 3:45pm


10:15 – 11:30am | Morning Sessions

2:30 – 3:45pm | Afternoon Sessions (repeated)

~ 3 Breakout Sessions run concurrently ~

Breakout 1

Count me In! Panel Discussion

Panel Moderator: Sarah Chamberlain | President and Founder of Women2Women National Conversations Tour

Washington DC based Women2Women joins us to host an engaging, informative and educational panel discussion on issues that are important to women. It is time to say Count Me In Business, Count Me In Financial Stability, Count Me in Policy … Count Me In!!! It is time to make our voices heard! This National Conversation Tour will feature an exciting panel of Kentucky’s finest Laura Boison of Truist (formerly BB&T), Phyllis Alcorn of The Women’s Business Center, Beth Davisson of Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Workforce Center and Washington DC based Emily Dickens of SHRM.

Who should attend: General audience

Breakout 2

Change Happens: Strategies to Move Forward with Grace and Efficiency

Presenter: Meredith Wells Lepley, PhD | Workplace Surveys & Solutions

Change is hard. It can be hard enough when the changes are ones we want to make and initiate on our own such as a new exercise regimen, but change is even harder when the changes are forced upon us by our organization, our boss, our family members or just life itself! This fun, interactive workshop will share the reasons why change can be challenging and explain the natural six-step process people go through when faced with change–including the typical thoughts, emotions, and potential stumbling blocks that can prevent us from moving forward. More importantly, this session will share proven strategies for dealing with life changes more smoothly and effectively to enable participants to glide through the change process with less stress and anxiety.

Who should attend: Executives, Managers, and All Employees

Breakout 3

The Power of Imperfection

Presenter: Vitale Buford | Certified Corporate Coach

Perfection is the most pervasive thing holding women back – in fact 1 in 2 women struggle with some form of perfectionism. It puts a ceiling on your career, your relationships and your dreams. It tells you that nothing is ever good enough. It convinces you that if you look perfect, act perfect, and live perfect, you will be happy. But it’s all an illusion.

During this session you will learn Buford’s 3-step process to release your perfectionism – they are: Get Aware, Get Perspective and Get Going. These three steps involve identifying the perfection patterns that are holding you back, learning the mindset tools you need to shift out of your perfection, and then creating an environment to embrace imperfection.

Who should attend: General Audience