Creating a Stronger Bond During the Quarantine

Since we were advised by the Governor to “Stay Safe at Home’ my husband Clark and I are home with our orange tabby cat, Calvin who is perplexed as to why we are here. We have been married eighteen years … a ‘later in life’ second marriage for both of us.

Clark has always been my ‘personal chef,’ but this past year we have been eating out and bringing home take-out food quite often due to some long work days that have left him drained and uninspired to rattle his pots and pans. With more time, he is finding joy in cooking and planning meals again.

We are reconnecting after a stressful year by listening to our favorite albums, binge watching TV shows, playing cards, dancing in the kitchen, star gazing on our patio, doing household projects and planting lettuce and tomatoes in the garden we neglected last year.

I spend the day working in my home office and he enjoys his “man cave” enabling us to create personal space during the day. We try to keep a positive attitude, to not let petty issues get blown out of proportion and to support each other when we are experiencing anxiety.

We try to keep things in perspective as we feel saddened about the things that we will miss – our great nephew’s first birthday party, his brother’s 65th birthday bash, a funeral of a friend that we cannot attend.

We wonder when things will get back to normal. When will we be able to see our grandkids? How long before I can visit my 91-year old father who is alone in his home? Will our friends and family get to enjoy our pool this summer? Is our vacation going to happen?

We are managing one day at a time by counting our blessings and trying to see the humor in our daily lives. I think we will come out on the other side a little stronger and a lot more appreciative of the life we have together.

Carol Siler is the Executive Director of Women Leading Kentucky.

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