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Entrepreneurship seems to be the hot button here in Lexington these days. Yesterday, I attended the Lexington Venture Club luncheon to hear presentations from young entrepreneurs here in the Bluegrass. The first presenters were 10 year-old and 13 year-old cousins, part of the team that won the $15,000 team grand prize in Warren Buffett’s 2nd annual Secret Millionaires Club Competition! Pretty impressive!

Sawyer, Kennedy and 16 year-old Spenser created Kidtrepreneur Kits that would inform and motivate other young people to make money and even start their own businesses. The highlight of their meeting with wizard Warren Buffett in Omaha? “He asked me to hold his wallet,” said Kennedy!

These two were followed by other, perhaps more mature young people in their 20’s, some of whom are part of the Governor’s School for Entrepreneurship hosted by the KY Science & Technology Corporation (KSTC). All good ideas: some having to do with games and others having to do with efficiencies.

At Starbucks this morning, I ran into Kris Kimel, president of KSTC, and we talked briefly about how successful entrepreneurs never admit failure. “It’s not in their DNA; it’s all a learning experience,” said Kris. He said that the entrepreneurs in the Governor’s School call it pivoting. Rather than say something failed or they failed in their efforts, they say they pivoted, meaning they figured it out and refocused. Something Kris and I agreed represented the story of our lives! Pivoting. Think about it.

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