Local Scenery To Relieve Stress Through Music & Nature

by Jenny Leigh Hodgins

This is part of my series of creative posts to encourage you during this pandemic and through the inherent challenges we all face as a result. I hope you are doing your best to stay at home as much as possible to socially distance yourself and protect others. Since you are at home more than usual, I’ve created music, poetry, and nature videos (starting with this one below) as meditative therapy for you.

Click the link to watch Jenny’s video of original music and beautiful scenery from Lexington, KY on YouTube.

If you can get outdoors–while keeping safely distanced from others–the fresh air and healing power of nature immersion will improve your mood. Everyday, get some movement for your body as best you can to boost your wellness.

If you can’t get outdoors, or you just want to relax or de-stress for a moment, this nature music video will help elevate your mood and keep you calm.

Watch my video above (click the PLAY button and have your speakers or headphones on!) and experience the healing power of nature immersion and soothing piano music.

The video includes nature photos taken in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. I’ve been strategically taking my 80-year young mother to local parks, careful to avoid crowds of people during off-hours. Walks through these parks and my bike rides inspired me to snap photos to celebrate the rise of spring.

As hard as it is now with everyone focused on lowering exposure to the coronavirus, nature still moves ever forward with its jubilant burst of blooms and color. Life goes on, the ebb and flow of good times, prosperity, and wellness reminding us that the cycle will continue.

Let’s use nature’s gorgeous vibrance as encouragement to weather this new challenge with the hope of new growth and deeper meaning in our lives.

My original piano music in the above nature video is called, ‘Simply You.’ I composed this piece for my late friend, Linda. Her down-to-earth manner and ceaseless optimism moved me to compose this music as a tangible representation of her positive influence on me and others.

Her friendship was one of simplicity and authentic expression. She was able to always look squarely at reality and find something positive out of even the worst scenario. I feel this is a fitting piece for our shared struggle through pandemic 2020.

Dark times reveal who we really are. May we be ‘simply ourselves’ as we use the current difficulties to polish our better selves. Let’s use this time to forge stronger courage and compassion.

Let’s emerge from this tumultuous season like spring blossoms, with our greatest energy to transform this poisonous situation into medicinal value. Our successful response depends on our individual wellness and inner strength. May my music and nature video be a catalyst for yours.

I’d love to hear from you. It means a lot to me that my content is helpful and empowers you. Please take a moment to join the conversation below to let me know if you find this post helpful or if you have questions or suggestions!

About the Author: Jenny Leigh Hodgins is the creative soul behind YourCreativeChord. Her blog offers quality content, a positive community, and support for those interested in nurturing creativity and inspiration.


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Featured photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash