Quarantined Life for a Newly Married Couple

November 8, 2019 was one of the happiest days of my life…I married my best friend, Michael! And yes, I had to look at my calendar to make sure that was the right date. Bless my heart (SMH)! During our courtship we were able to get to know each other so well that living together was a seamless process. Each of us took on roles without any discussion. For example, I do most of the cooking and he does the lawn, trash, vacuum, and more. Wow – doesn’t sound very fair once I put this down in writing. Anyways, cooking has never been my forte but doing it for someone that is so appreciative and complimentary makes that chore a joy. Fast forward several months, we get hit with Covid-19.

While the entire process has been a bit overwhelming, there have been many moments of joy and developing a good foundation for our marriage. For example, we have gone on some amazing long walks with strengthening conversations that I will always cherish, as well as us working on some home projects. Ok, more like he’s worked on them and I’ve been a great cheerleader and supportive participant. 😉

After two weeks of sitting on the couch, my back was screaming so he built me a desk. It’s super cute and will always be special! Since people name their cars I might name my desk ‘Covid’. It seems appropriate. Ha. He then moved on to putting up our house numbers outside so our address can be visible now (I’m sure our mailman was thankful), and lastly he built me a planter box for my herbs.

Oh and by the way, he has made all of this from scrap wood we had in our garage. See why everyday I fall in love with this man even more! Plus his boredom has worked out well for me! 🙂 So I guess my take-away in all of this has been that I’m trying to use this time to build stronger relationships, be thankful for all the small things and find joy despite our surrounding environment.

How have you and yours been doing? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Assistant Director Sonia Laux~ Sonia Laux

Assistant Director

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