¡Vamos! Let’s Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the term Latin and the term Hispanic? Simply put, Hispanic refers to people of Spanish speaking descent. This would include all the Spanish speaking countries in Central America, South America, the Caribbean and, of course, Spain. On the other hand, the term Latin refers to the people of Latin America which would include all the countries of Central America, South America and the Caribbean. This terminology would refer to all countries in Latin America, including Brazil for example, which does not speak Spanish, but would not include Spain.

Did you know that Rita Hayworth was of Hispanic descent? Yes, her father was from a little town near Seville, Spain. Elsa Pataky, of The Fast and The Furious franchise, was born in Spain. These talented ladies are both Hispanic, but not Latin.

Cameron Díaz is of Latin descent; her father’s family is Cuban. Benjamin Bratt is also of Latin descent; his mother was from Perú. Lin Manuel Miranda is Latin; his parents are from Puerto Rico. The parents of Jean-Michel Basquiat, an American artist, were from Haiti and from Puerto Rico. Cameron, Benjamin, Lin Manuel and Jean-Michel may be referred to as being both of Latin and of Hispanic descent.

We always welcome the opportunity to share our culture, one which is rich with dynamic diversity. During Hispanic Heritage Month we celebrate the many remarkable Hispanic and Latin contributions to our global community.

This year, join your Hispanic and Latin friends and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by planning a colorful fiesta with delectable Hispanic and Latin foods. You might also love to learn more about a Hispanic or Latin artist, such as Francisco Goya, Diego Velázquez, José Clemente Orozco, Frida Kahlo, or even Pablo Picasso. Perhaps, you may even consider learning some Spanish. ¡Vamos!

About the Author: Magda Perez-Carrasquillo is a Relationship Manager at Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co., and a long-time supporter of Women Leading Kentucky.