Women Leading Kentucky offers a directory for business professionals who are connected to our mission, attend our events or want to be accessible to our network of professional women.


Why join a local online directory like ours?

Joining our directory is a way to show your support for our mission and events. If your business is local, getting listed in local directories can also be part of your strategy for reaching your target audience in this specific geographic area.

Learn more about location-based marketing: “11 Easy to Implement Marketing Ideas for Local Business Owners


Get the most out of your directory listing with these three tips:


  1. Pick out a Picture

People connect with smiles. Include a flattering photo on your website and social media, and consider putting it on our directory as well. The option to include a photo or brand logo is available for our Business Directory page. (Thanks, Lesley, for being our poster child!)

Learn the how and why of featuring your image online: “Should I Include a Personal Photo on My Website?


2. Consider Your Category

On our Business Directory page, you have the option of being listed in up to two subcategories (for example “Consultant” and “Accounting | Banking | Finance”). Take the time to choose the best two categories for your brand and business. If you choose only one category, you’re missing out on the chance to be listed multiple times.


3. Link to a Landing Page

All directory listings with WLK include the option to link to your website. You can optimize this marketing opportunity by creating a specific landing page designed just for the WLK network. Take our referrals straight to the service that you want to feature. You can also use a landing page to offer something free in exchange for an email address, or to give a limited-access discount code.

If you have a specific call to action on a dedicated landing page, you will know how many conversions you get from our directory without bothering with analytics.

  Learn more about landing pages: “Landing Page 101: How to Make Your Best Landing Page Yet“ 


Still thinking through how a directory listing might work for you?

Explore our Business Directory here:  https://womenleadingky.com/business-listings/


Business Listing with photo/logo | $50   –  Includes a free listing on the Individual Directory

Business Listing | $35    –   Includes a free listing on the Individual Directory

Individual Listing | $ 25



About the Author:

Adrielle Stapleton is the part-time Office Coordinator at Women Leading Kentucky. Are you a professional woman looking for connections and opportunities in Central Kentucky? Women Leading Kentucky is the premiere organization for professional women’s networking in Lexington and the surrounding area. We host events online and in-person that will help you extend your network and reach new business partners and opportunities. Join us at our next event!